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We create books recognizing the value of childhood. We have energy, great big content for children and parents and a vision for development. We grow and develop, step by step, opening up new opportunities in what and how we create. We understand that the best is always created by people with love in their hearts with a team of like-minded people.

Our mission publishing Books of Value to support parents raising their children on the basis of family values, the highest human qualities, and conscious harmony with nature.
For most parents the question isn't where to buy a children's book, it is WHAT to buy?
What gives this book value? Will it help in the harmonious development of my child?
From Heart to Heart . . .
Books by Olga Verasen help parents support children to be happy and succesful.

"The special role of fairy tales for a child, is to remove inner limitations and help reveal the unique personality in all their beauty and power" — Olga Verasen

The value of fairy tales by Olga Verasen
Helps parents in harmonious parenting of their children
the heroes become friends who easily convey to children important truths of human values.
Promotes talent and unique personal ability of the child
expand creative thinking, help them to see their talents and abilities, and develop their dreams.
Strengthens sincere relationship between children and parents
create a space of collaboration, empathy, listening and speaking from the heart to the heart.
Strengthen a proactive attitude and resourceful thinking
develop skills to use capabilities, learn new things, and find new solutions to challenging situations.
Supports the development of the best family traditions
develop the best human qualities and family values: love, gratitude, respect, and caring for each other.
Develops self-confidence and communication skills
strengthen awareness of personal value and the values of others by developing openness, and tolerance.
Connection with Nature through heroes and events
contribute to the harmonious development of feelings and the ability to see Nature's beauty and wisdom.
Creates the foundation for leadership and responsibility
develop the courage to follow their own dreams, to set priorities and take responsibility for decision-making.
Fairy tale books by Olga Verasen develop the skill of creating the best result by choosing positive feelings: Feelings-Thought-Action-Result.

The fairy tale heroes support parents in raising children

preschool age
primary and secondary school age
adolescent age
Fairy tales help inspirers share their wisdom and knowledge with children
pre-k teachers, nannies
coaches of creative studios
All books display handmade illustrations with bright and clear colors. It's nice to linger over and study the details.
They are aimed to harmoniously develop the emotional sphere of a child's personality and health.

About the author
Olga Verasen
  • Writer, screenwriter, artist, illustrator. Author of books for children and parents, theater plays, film scripts, TV programs. Laureate, diploma winner, nominee for international book competitions, scripts, family plays (Russia, Belarus, USA). The author of the project "Books of Value". Member of the Association of Children's Writers, USA; HeartMath Institute, USA.
  • Teacher, coach, biologist, ecologist. Certificate of the European Coaching Association. Laureate of the International Prize "Eco World" for the creation of educational programs for the development of a child's personality. Over 20 years experience of successfully interacting with children, parents, teachers and company employees in 15 countries. Founder of the Heart-to-Heart Family Academy.
  • Primary activity: harmonious development of personality, awareness in choosing the best feelings, and developing heart to heart interactions between children and parents. Feelings-Thought-Action-Result.
  • Mom of three children, wife, grandmother. Lives with her husband in Vermont, USA.
Preview of fairy tale pages
for children of preschool and school age
Here's what they say about Olga's books
Thank you, Olga Verasen, for the tales! Thank you for the good that you bring to the world. For wisdom in every word! After all, even as an adult, you come across seemingly simple things, but how to explain them to a child? How to teach human values through simple language? A fairy tale in which there is kindness. Thanks for the fairy tales!
Nesterova Alesya
Environmental engineer, artist, mother of two children, Moscow, Russia
Tales by Olga Verasen is a cozy corner in my heart . . . You can read and re-read them, each time marveling at the wisdom of the author while finding answers to all vital questions. Amazingly subtle, she feels everything that surrounds us. Her fairy tales are warm . . .
Valentina Ivanova
Home space organizer, a social worker. Mother, grandmother. Grodno, Belarus
A man needs a compass in order not to go astray. Musicians and a chorus player need a tuning fork for accurate sound. What are the tales of Olga Verasen for? In order to enjoy reading. Fairy tales are beautifully written. They are spiritualized and full of kindness. This kindness is passed on to the reader. Therefore, the tales of Olga Verasen are a kind of tuning fork of kindness. These are the best tales that I know.
Castus Lapko
Scientist. Educator. Author of projects in the field of chemical compounds.
Father, grandfather. Minsk, Belarus
It still remains a mystery to me how this fragile, sweet, open-hearted woman around the world manages to talk about such important, global, universal things in a simple, understandable and wise language! How to explain to the baby what is Good and Evil, Friendship and Fidelity, Sadness and Joy, Greed and Generosity? You will find all the answers in her book of fairy tales, traveling with her children through her pages. This journey will be remembered forever
since all its roads pass through the Heart ...
Jalilova Gaya
Trainer, coach, author of an intensive English learning program. Mama. Odintsovo, Russia
We really liked the tale about the Bell. My daughters 3 and 5 years old listened with pleasure. The tale is warm, kind. Teaches us to enjoy life and every day. The illustration is also very tender, enveloping with care. Thanks to Olga for such a positive story!
Olga Dobrusheva
Business Assistant, Internet Marketer. Therapist for aromatic oils. Mom has two children. Boston, USA
Olga, I am happy with you!
Thank you for the fairy tales, they are very warm and bright, and illuminate the soul. Create at the call of your heart and let success be with you!

Olga Mashedo
Minsk, Belarus
Fairy tales have already got the trust of readers in different countries and now continue their journey
Tales of Olga became the basis of 9 books, programs, audio and film scripts, plays for the theater and has received recognition at national and international competitions:
- Republican competition of publications on environmental topics, 2006, Belarus
- International competition of plays for children "Where do fairy tales live?", 2006 Belarus
- International Prize "Eco World" 2007, 2008, Russia
- International Play Competition, Los Angeles Theater & ScreenCraft Stage PlayCompetition, 2018, USA
- International Screenwriting Competition ScreenCraft & BondIt Media Capital and Buffalo Productions, 2018, USA.
Based on an exciting plot and fairy tales, Olga created the international quest "Magic Formula", in which more than 300 children took part.
10 copyright exhibitions of Olga's illustrations gave rise to the master class "Where do fairy tales live?" which was attended by over 500 children, parents, teachers from different countries.
In Publishing House today
The picture books in the "Happy Home" series, age 3+
The book for family reading, age 9+
Publisher's Plan
released by the first quarter in 2020
the picture-books in the series, age 3-9
- Bird Adventures Why
- Happy Home
- Planet Big Heart

an adventure-book, age 7+
- Black Hole Palace, King Fear, and Magic Formula

books for develop family relationship, unique ability and talent of children
- Family Creativity
- Home Theater
- Diary for parents
- Diary for children
- Home Calendar
- Coloring books for children and parents
- Book-quests for the family "Magic Formula"

books for parents
- Course-book "How to create a trusting relationship with a child?"
- Seminar-book "Where to find Happiness for your child?"

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How are books delivered?
We cooperate with INGRAM and AMAZON and use premium delivery to all countries of the world according to customer's address. Shipping cost is not included in the book price.
Is there a volume discount?
Yes. The publisher successfully operates an affiliate program that provides discounts from 35 to 50%. In addition, ask us about our promotion program.
Will there be exhibitions of illustrations and book presentations in the near future?
Yes. You can find out more about upcoming exhibitions and presentations on the website in the News section and in monthly newsletter.
Will there be meetings with readers?
Regular meetings with readers and parents will be held online, starting in October.
Does the publisher organize seminars, workshops, and meetings with parents?
Yes, online, as well as in video and audio recordings, starting in October.
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